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Marcia Harris

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09/20/12 03:19 PM #1    

Alan Duke

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Marcia dedicated her adult life as a nurse practioner to help Central American and Hmong people both in their native lands and Fresno, where many Hmong lived. She was actively critical where she felt they were not working to their full potential -- but she continued to selfelessly help nonetheless. She died in a bus crash in Central America on one more mission. She was a sweet, complicated girl (my first date, Dave Clark 5, Santa Monica Civic, 1967) and I miss her, as should we all.
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Marcia and I were Man From UNCLE spies freshman year, leaving notes in each other's lockers. Marcia loved guys in uniform, any kind, and was always on the lookout for her perfect mate, a guy who was sweet, shy, and dedicated.

Glad I saw her at the last reunion Not one for chit chat, Marcia's last words to me were, "How did you stay so thin?"

Wish I could answer at our 40th.


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Cathy Dreyfuss

I had sent a long post about Marcia a few months ago but don't see it here so I am writing again.

Marcia came to the 30 year reunion in 1999, the first she had attended. She had moved back to the States from Cambodia to work in Fresno with the Hmong community there. Shortly after the reunion, she was offered a job working with the indigenous communities in Ecuador, where I had lived for a few years back in the 1970's. We had a long phone conversation about it and we were both excited she was going there. I even gave her letters to bring to the families I lived with years before. She went to Ecuador a few months later and died in a car crash there sometime in the winter of 2000. I don't know the exact date but I am pretty sure it was before the end of 2000. We were very close childhood friends and it was tragic to have reconnected with her and to have lost her so soon afterwards. Marcia was one of a kind. 

Cathy Dreyfuss

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