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Terry Avchen

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Terry Avchen.  We received this update from Bruce Steinbaum who got the message by way of his mother who heard from Terry's mother.  Terry was a brilliant lawyer and definitely one of the good ones in this world.  RIP Terry.

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03/19/22 09:10 AM #7    

Sandi Wildman (Padnos)

Terry was a thoughtful, kind and brilliant class act. We became friends later in life. He and his wife Denice were forming a nonprofit and I remember meeting with them in his Century City office to brainstorm. I feel the emptiness quite strongly.  I have had a heavy heart all week. It is very hard to make old friends. This just gives me even more perspective of the connection we all share his classmates.

03/19/22 09:17 AM #8    

Brian Bingham

While I also did not really "know" Terry very well during our high school days, what I did know was that he was an extremely likable and positive person always - never pretentious, never obtuse in any way. The comments of our comrades, Daria Zetlin and Andrew Block in particular, resonate with me as, looking back, I sensed that having Terry prominent in our lives would constitute a difference that makes a difference feel like a difference. My condolences to Terry's family and friends in their time great loss.

03/19/22 10:35 AM #9    

Laura Ornest (Ornest-Leslie)

I am very sad that Terry has passed. My deepest condolences to Denise, his mom Sandy, sisters Kathy and Patty, his dear friends John Mayer and Andy Block, and his other close friends and family. Terry will always have a special place in my heart. One memory that always brings a smile to me is the night in high school when best friends Andy and Terry came over to our house on Sierra Dr. and told me they had just been on Palm Dr. in front of Kathy Kent's house where "some" movie was being filmed. A guy named Dustin Hoffman was in it. The outside of Kathy's house was Mrs. Robinson's house. Yes, with his slightly crooked smile Terry did have a twinkle in his eye. May Terry's memory always be a blessing. It is to me. 






03/20/22 08:48 AM #10    

Sara Berman (Rutenberg)

Terry was my first date in Beverly Hills. Whenever we saw each other in later years, we would talk about it. He was lovely and warm and sweet. May his memory be a blessing

03/20/22 09:32 AM #11    

John Mayer

Together with Andy Bloch, Terry was my closest friend in high school.  And somehow we managed to stay friends from then until now.  At our age, that kind of relationship is something you cherish.  It's a world of shared experience.  Terry was an amazing guy.  His wife Denise and son Brian are also fantastic.  It's great to see the comments here, and I'll share more soon.  My love to anyone who knew Terry.


03/20/22 12:26 PM #12    

Cathy Dreyfuss

I am still reeling from this loss. Terry was a wonderful friend and he and Denise were always so welcoming. I remember dancing to Steely Dan in his living room oh so many years ago, and chatting and joking as the old friends we were at the reunions. My condolences to the family.May his memory be a blessing.

03/21/22 09:25 AM #13    

Mark Brooks

Terry: the Good Samaritan

Very moved and saddened by the news.

I do not have a specific memory with Terry at Beverly. Only his genuine congeniality, authentic warmth, wit, humor and lack of pretense.

However, a few years later I was in a line of cars waiting to pull into the parking lot near Nate N Al’s. The entrance to the lot was blocked for a while. There was only one car ahead of me in a line of cars,  and by the time the motorcycle officer arrived, the car waiting the whole time and holding up traffic had just puled in. The officer stopped and decided to issue me the ticket.

At which point who comes walking down the street: Terry. We both say Hi. He walks up to the officer and says he saw the whole thing, and the officer  was ticketing the wrong driver. Terry and I proceeded to connect, catch up, share a few laughs. The officer at this point notices the comraderie and asked if we knew one another. Indeed: Beverly. The cop had already written the citation; nonetheless, assented and joined in talking with us.

Btw keeping it all in the Norman family, my close friend Evan Stein took time out to represent me. The officer did not show up and the ticket was dismissed.


I can not remember a time when I was with Terry that I did not walk away smiling.

Including the above where we seized the moment and made lemonade out of lemons.

03/22/22 08:55 AM #14    

Daria Zetlen

Mark, that's a wonderful story!


03/22/22 11:54 AM #15    

Mark Magidson

A shock hearing this sad news. Terry and I used to occasionally run those obligatory four lap miles together during the dog days of PE class, a relaxed pace to be sure, and talked the whole way.  We did not see each other often after BHHS but the few times we did were always warm and positive. Terry had a rare intuitive ability as a listener, tuned right into you and always communicated, with both words and manner, enthusiastic interest in and support for whatever you were doing- he looked for the best in people.  Heartfelt condolences to Denise and Terry’s family.

03/22/22 05:55 PM #16    

Alan Duke

Memorial for Terry Sunday March 27 at Hillside Memorial Park at noon. Also there is a video link.


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