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Jan Bernie

Jan Bernie

Very sad news about Jan from her good friend Bette. 

Deceased Classmate: Jan P. Bernie
Date Of Birth: 03-17-1951
Date Deceased: 06-07-2021
Age at Death: 70
Cause of Death: Problems related to COPD
Classmate City: Pacific Grove,
Classmate State: CA
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No 
Survived By: Her brother Ben Bernie, his wife and 2 nieces.

A beautiful girl. A lover of beautiful things. An artist, where her garden was her canvas.

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07/08/21 09:51 AM #5    

Tony Rubin

WOW, I was so very fond of her, sad today

07/08/21 10:51 AM #6    

Michael Hiatt

Jan was such a light. I still remember her and those special group of friends we all hung with years ago when other memories of past have faded. This is a sad loss for us and heaven got a good one. RIP.  

07/08/21 10:52 AM #7    

Jerri Pittluck

I am so saddened to hear of this. RIP beautiful, sweet, lovely Jan.

07/08/21 11:17 AM #8    

Alan Harris

Shocker, cool, sweet, funny Trousdale local, glad she had a full life, too soon too soon. RIP Jan.

07/08/21 11:20 AM #9    

Lynn Mayer (Smith)

A beautiful soul inside and out.

07/08/21 11:58 AM #10    

Bette Levine

Jan and I were friends! It's strange, I helped her clean out her grammas house on Sunset and Mountain. I still have the huge cruiset pan! I went up to Carmel where she was shopping for a home. I nixed all, but I left knowing she would pick the perfect home! She did!

It was a historical home in Pacific Grove! 2 small blocks to the beach! She made it beautiful! She embraced the art culture! I would go up there. She was generous w letting me bring my poodle puppies! She had parrots, and doggies! She loved them all.

Her garden was beautiful! Everyday I stayed w her, she spent hours in her garden. It showed.

We had our reunion in 2009. 1 week later I had wrist surgery. I thought I could do this by myself. She offered, no, insisted she stay to help me! I don't know what I would have done without her! ❤️.

Then her mom died. Again, we were together. Assessing her moms stuff. What to take, what to sell. And who to sell to. Hot summers in Woodland Hills. After work, we would just tread water in her mom's pool, talking, laughing. 

[I look around my house and see things I purchased with you. Things you gave me. You are everywhere in my life. I can't not see you.]

Good times. 
Jan, we spent hours in antique malls, ate great food, surrounded by our doggo's! 
I love you! 
your friend, Bette

07/08/21 12:16 PM #11    

Gaye (Peggy) Freeman Gabriel

I'm so sorry to hear we have lost another Hawthorne alumni and I always thought Jan was not only beautiful,  but very kind. My heart goes out to her family and her friends. 💔

07/08/21 07:04 PM #12    

Mona Shafer (Edwards)

Jan and I went to Art Center College of Design together, and formed a very strong bond... During school vacations we traveled to Hawaii,  skied in Aspen, and got sunburned driving in her convertible to Palm Springs...

She was sensitive, beautiful, an animal lover, and so much fun to be with.

Jan was also my Maid of Honor at my wedding, and I will always have her in my heart.

07/09/21 11:40 AM #13    

Marvin Wolf

Jan and I lived across the street from each other in the desert island of isolation in Trousdale. At age 14 we became great friends. It was strange in a way as she was one of the in crowd of popular kids and I was a BH latecomer and  nerd whose father drove an old pick up truck. 

She was beautiful, but never really believed that she was. Although seemingly outgoing and a big "'soch", Jan  was really very shy and at times deeply introspective.

We spent hundreds of hours sitting in her brothers dead sports car in her mom's driveway talking and dreaming what life would be  once we got our driver's licenses.! FREEDOM!

Many hours were spent doing art--drawing, assembling,collages, learning which end of the pencil or brush  would and could create interesting and beautiful images. Sometimes she would draw as I would play my guitar and try to learn the then current popular protest anthem. She would laugh like crazy, I loved it!!!

. After we were unchained from relying on parents and others for transportation, many weekends we drove around southern California exploring ghost towns, valleys and mountain tops, antique and salvation army stores, distant love-ins, junk yards and palaces in places that were barely dots on a map. Most times we had no true destination but would just get in her camaro or my VW bug and, cameras in hand, just go..So many conversations and adventures on the way to somewhere, anywhere. The times were a changin and we helped each other deal and get along.Those years of close friendship could not have been more special.

Jan had a terrific sense of style and many artistic talents. she loved her pets ,mainly birds, her garden and all things natural. She was beautiful and she saw so much beauty around her.

Unfortunately, over the last few decades Jan suffered from an unstoppable illness that narrowed where she could go, or what she could do. Thru it all she could still smile, be an artist, a kind person and my friend...

I miss her.




07/10/21 12:54 AM #14    

David Somers

Jan was a great person.  She loved life, and cared deeply for those around her.  I will sorely miss her ;-(  RIP, Jan

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