In Memory

Kathleen Colton (Tuggey)


Here is the Facebook post from her sister Bettsie:

"I’m so sorry that my reappearance on Facebook is with such sad news. My sister, Kathe , passed away today suddenly. The whole family is in shock right now" 😭😭

RIP dear Kathe

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06/17/22 08:48 AM #1    

Jody Briskin

I'm so very sorry.broken heart

06/17/22 08:49 AM #2    

Ronald Garris

HI Bettsie,

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Life certainly has difficult moments. An unexpected passing of a loved one is definitely one of the hardest to grasp. I am sure John has your back and that is something to be thankful for. Kathleen RIP.

06/17/22 09:01 AM #3    

Lauren Levin (Lind)

So sorry to hear about Kathe. We had a few classes together. 
Kathe was a very nice person. RIP Kathe

06/18/22 10:06 AM #4    

Frank Kavelin

Although I haven't met you Bettsie, I passed by you at DeeDee's memorial and heard someone call your name. It's hard to believe that so soon after that event we are remembering Kathe. Although I didn't really know her growing up, I like to contact members of our class who have moved to the desert as I have.   DeeDee provided me with Kathe's contact information.  We had a really nice, two-hour lunch recounting our lives over the years.  

I send you and your family my condolences.

06/18/22 10:08 AM #5    

Lon Levin



I didn't know Kathe. But from the comments I've read its obvious she was a great person to know. This is another reminder that we have so little time to live, love and understand life. I urge all Normans to take that under consideration as you plot your future. Try sonething you always wanted to do. When you fall down, get up. I have and my life and hopefully my friends lives have been positively affected as it appears that Kathe's friends and family have been affected by her blessed life.  RIP Kathe.






06/19/22 07:40 AM #6    

Laurence Cohen (Finley)

Kathe, Bettsie and I grew up a block away from each other near Roxbury Park.  Kathe was super smart and possessed a wry sense of humor.  She had perfect legs for the mini skirt generation.  I had an innocent crush on her and truly enjoyed growing up with her and the grace she exemplified through every rite of passage.  Though we did not stay in touch through the years, I want to take this sad occasion to say she mattered to this impressionable young boy on the way to manhood.  Both the Colton sisters on Bedford Dr. mattered. 

06/19/22 08:29 AM #7    

Francine Chalme (Meyberg)

So sad,too many passing away.Enjoy our life now.

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