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Camille Cushing

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09/06/12 06:58 AM #1    

Alan Duke

Re: Cushing, Camille (Deceased 1969) Carol Tarcher Ellis   2010-03-07 10:42:22.0
Camille came to Beverly in her senior year. Shewas wild: she wore her mother's mink coat and drove the cadillac. She was funny and beautiful.

I still remember hearing the eleven o'clock news that while she and her mom were driving the car went over the embankment and burst into flames. Mom climbed out and (according to the news) left Camille in the ditch.

What a mom..........


09/09/19 09:44 AM #2    

Alan Duke

This is a message from Cathy Edwards correcting some of the misinformation we were given about Camille's passing.

Camille and I were very good friends and both lived on Spaulding and walked to school every day.

I moved back to Europe directly after graduating and invited her to join me in  Switzerland in July.

In mid July I received a phone call from her uncle telling me she and her mother Darlene had been in her 57 thunderbird (not a Cadillac) when they were in a multi car collision with an oil tanker, oil spilling and ultimately turning into a fierce fire. They  attempted to get to safety by foot, but were BOTH critically injured by the flames. Camille died on June 30th and Darlene died on July 11th. They are both buried at Westwood cemetery. So Darlene did not abandon Camille. I will never forget getting that call and I was bothered to read a false story about her mother RIP. 

09/10/19 09:56 AM #3    

Laurie Ackerman

Dear fellow Normans

I am sadden to learn for the first time of how Camille and her mom passed away . Though I truly didn’t meet her  in our Senior year , it’s a tragic end to a fellow Norman who had her future just beginning after graduation fromBHHS . Laurie Ackerman 

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