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Pierre DesRoches

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Alan Duke

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Crashed Chinook

The charred wreckage of the crashed Chinook helicopter lay smoldering in the snow covered wheat field in Kentucky. Five families lives were shattered, children were rendered fatherless, and hearts were broken without even the consolation of recovering body parts to bury. My soul mate left the planet that guilty night and I didn't even feel it. I was eating dinner at Campanile on La Brea when it happened. I was laughing with friends, drinking champagne and twirling my fork in a plate of Fettuccini Alfredo.

The rotor-blade remained recognizable and the tail of the 100 foot long beast of a machine was left protruding from the ground like a cross marking the spot. The giant blazing fireball had burned all night, too hot to approach until everything?everything was completely incinerated. Crisp embers swirled with flying chunks of ice against the dark night sky until just a thick strip of black ash remained in the morning. The investigating Army officer that ar


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