In Memory

Joan Felmus-Holtzclaw

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Alan Duke

Submitted by Paul Diamond Edit | Delete
She was in our class for only a couple of weeks -- just long enough to graduate with us. Because she was smarter than us. Nicer. And with few exceptions, prettier too. It's a function of life that we lose people, it's a function of reunions that we find them. It's hateful that we lost Joanie (I never heard anyone call her 'Joan') 25 years ago and as far as I can tell none of us noticed. It was a short life. I hope it was a good one.
Submitted by Joe Corrigan Edit | Delete
Joanie was a wonderful, open, inquisitive, kind, engaged, impossibly bright, endlessly ebullient and yet intensely shy and curiously reserved person.

She always inspired me and unquestionably made me a far better person than I otherwise could have been. I am grateful that fortune kindly allowed me to briefly share time with her.

She was the sweetest peach in the basket.


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