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We are very sad to report that Patti Field passed away last week.  We have confirmed with her son Ben that Patti passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.  We reached out to Ben last night and this is his response.

"Hi Alan, thank you so much for those kind words, it truly means a lot. It's been very powerful for me these past few days hearing stories about her from others, and I'm so touched to better understand all of the different ways she made an impact. I'm sure you and other classmates know that these past few years were quite hard for her, but she never stopped having so much love in her heart for everyone, and many old friends were able to bring her so, so much comfort. I hope you and others know that you truly gave her so much joy and happy memories that she carried with her for her entire life.

I think posting on the class website sounds like a great idea, and feel free to give out my email if anyone wants it. I've also been finding and organizing a lot of older photos of Patti, and if anyone has any more they'd like to share, I'd love to see them."

Ben's email address is

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12/13/20 04:05 PM #14    

Jane Friedman (Lofton)

I was so sad to hear of Patti’s passing. Patti and I were in school together since Kindergarten, and I have fond memories of classes together, birthday parties (one of hers included my first scavenger hunt experience), and Brownie Troop fun. I enjoyed visiting with her at the last reunion and some of the recent mini-reunions. She shared candidly about the challenges she faced, and I was impressed with her bravery and positive attitude.

12/13/20 05:21 PM #15    

Julie Isen (Sackman)

Please, not another one of our precious classmates.  I remember Patti as not only beautiful but also bright, friendly and unassuming.  She had a winning smile and laugh.  Heartful condolences to her family and friends.

12/13/20 05:58 PM #16    

Nancy Herman (Carter)

I can hardly believe that this is true.  Patti and Sara were my best friends in high school. I have wonderful memories of Patti and can't believe that she is no longer walking with us.  My father died of pancreatic cancer 26 years ago.  Sadly, little has changed in the treatment of this deadly disease.

Patti was the kindest person.  She was always interested in other people, caring about all of her friends with love.  

We met as freshman, passing notes to each other, spending nutrition and lunch together on the front lawn.  I went to the Beatles concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Patti, because she stayed up late enough to make the magical phone call to KRLA to win tickets.  In spite of our intent not to scream with the crowds, we were as loud as all the others in the completely full Bowl.  

Patti's Sweet Sixteen was a swim party in the yard on Oakhurst, with Trina, the family's German Shepherd, herding us.  We went to submarine races at the beach in Playa Del Rey with the Samsons.  We spent hour after hour on the phone, gossiping, eating sunflower seeds from Carl's market, falling asleep long before we ever got off the phone.  

Patti loved to drink Tab.  Sadly both Tab and Patti are gone.  Tab will be forgotten, but not Patti.  I love you Patti.

12/13/20 08:40 PM #17    

Fay Weisberg (Whitemountain)

Mermaids swimming and ice cream sodas!

I remember the joy of Patti in our childhood games and adventures.

Light to her Soul!

12/14/20 07:45 AM #18    

Karen Kessler Goodman (Kennedy)

Whenever i think of Patti I remember a smile on her face.  A loss way too soon!

12/14/20 08:24 AM #19    

Dan Burstein

Sad to hear this news. I enjoyed many weekend afternoons in my childhood and early teenage years in Patti Field's pool as a result of Patti's friendship with my sister Bonnie, who, as many of you know, passed away in March.I remember her as a fireball of energy. With love and good wishes to her fsmily and friends,

--Dan Burstein


12/14/20 10:14 AM #20    

James Meadow (Meadow)

I was very sorry to learn of Patty's passing.  We had never been more than acquaintances going back to elementary school at Hawthorne.  I have only two brief anecdotes to share.  One is that since my last name is Meadow and her last name was Field, some third-grade wit quipped on day in class that Patty and I must be cousins. My second reminiscence is that about ten years ago or so, I attended a seder dinner to which the two of us had been invited.  We had not set eyes on one another for at least 45 years. Our hosts had apparently shared the guest list with Patty and not with me.  When I sat down at the seder table, Patty blurted out rather emphatically, "Jim, it's Patty.  Don't you recognize me: it's Patty Field."  To which I replied, "Nice to see you again, cousin."   I suppose that in our neural pathways, we had actually become cousins of a sort, memory cousins.  So may your memory be for a blessing, Couz.

12/14/20 10:28 AM #21    

Nancy Solomon

Patti will be missed!  I am so sad to hear of her passing, at age 69.  Way too young.  As we're all about to turn 70, it feels like Patti's passing marks the beginning of something I don't like to think about.  Stay well, Class of 69!  

12/15/20 12:40 AM #22    

Gaye (Peggy) Freeman Gabriel

I was so saddened to hear of Patti's passing. I have very fond memories of her during our Hawthorne years. Patti was always so bright, so kind, so gentle and so very genuine. I imagine Ben, she was a wonderful mom and I'm so sorry for your loss. My condolences to all your family. 

12/15/20 09:00 AM #23    

John Mayer

My most vivid memories of Patti go back to Hawthorne.  We sat next to each other for most of 6th grade in Miss Turnbaugh's class.  Gary Stolzoff and I would tease her, probably by trying to interrupt her concentration when she was working diligently on an assignment.  She was very hard working in 6th grade!  Although we were not close in high school, we spoke at just about every reunion since.  And she attended at least one Hawthorne reunion at our home.  Her son Ben and our daughter Cathy attended Kenyon College together.  In recent years I had a sense that some clouds were gathering.  Getting older is not for the timid.  Patti was not timid.  

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