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Stephen Kincaid

Our classmate Missi Conrad let us know that Stephen Kincaid passed away on February 11, 2018 due to multiple health issues.  Stephen had been a good friend to the Class of '69 and had helped organize the last couple of reunions.  Stephen will be missed.

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02/16/18 07:21 PM #1    

Brian Grad

Stephen was one of my best frieinds at Horace Mann and BHHS.  We lost track of each other but reconnected at the 40th reunion and kept in touch over the last decade.  I always felt I was in the presence of a Showman, someone who knew what they wanted and how to get it.  He never seemed ruffled by the glitches, just shifted gears and cruised around whatever obstacle was in his way.  His confidence was contagious and intimidating to me and it was right up to the end.  Where I was always cautious, calculating and hesitant Stephen just dove in with a cocky smile and an encouraging "come on bud it'll be alright".  I remember summer camp with the Boy Scouts on Catalina and him never announcing his intention to swim a mile for the merit badge.  He just got uip early and followed a row boat out the half mile and back in those chilly waters, never a worry or doubt he'd be back in time for breakfast. He never bragged about it but it impressed the hell out of me. He did a lot of things that left an impression on me and in his time he was well known and liked down around the San Pedro waterfront.  Always a helping hand, a good story and not shy about his many affairs.  He loved the sea and I know he's at the tiller somewhere heading out over that horizon. Fair winds Sailor you left quite a wake.

02/17/18 08:55 AM #2    

Lynn Mayer (Smith)

Although  I had not seen or spoken to Stephen in many years nor do I recall communicating or seeing him at our 40th reunion, his adventures and comments were always on course on Facebook.  Rather than repeating the words I wrote there regarding my wonderful childhood friend please go to our site there and read.  I will be short here by saying he was a joy as a childhood friend and neighbor never to be forgotten by myself and those that truly new him in our youth and as the courageous man he became.  Keep on sailing.

02/17/18 09:07 AM #3    

Vance Boos (Boos)

So sorry to hear about my old friend passing away!!  We had stayed in touch since the last reunion in Brentwood. Steve and his family were very caring and helped me a lot in our teenage years. I even stayed at their house for awhile during a rough stage. Steve was the most hardcore boating guy I ever knew. He could repair or make anything on his boat!! Steve, you will be missed by many people RIP!!   Vance  Boos


02/17/18 09:20 AM #4    

Devorah Ann Cutler (Rubenstein)

I always felt that Stephen was the living incarnation of Huck Finn.  Loved hearing the story about his getting up early as a Boy Scout on Catalina Island, Vance, to win that merit badge. Thanks for sharing that!  I recall from Horace Mann and BHHS, that he was always so bright-faced, supportive and very loving on the sidelines for so many people.  Definitely saddened by his passing and was hoping to connect with him more to hear about his adventures on sea and land.  Happy sailing, dear friend! 

02/18/18 11:42 AM #5    

Rick DeMartino (DeMartino)

I was very saddend this morning to hear of the passing of my old friend Steve Kincaid.  I met Steve at Beverly High and we became friends immediately.  I have some great teenage memories and Steve was part of many of them.  Although Steve was a very kind and gentle person, he was not afraid to jump into any situation even those with substantial risks.  After high school, our lives took us in different directions but we stayed in touch occasionally over the years and I last visited with him last year and found him to be his old self.  Steve aways had a very positive attitude even when things weren't going his way.  Steve was always respectful and thoughtful of others and I know he had an uplifting effect on everyone.  That silly little grin that he always wore will last in my memory forever.

02/21/18 08:18 AM #6    

Robert Libby

WOW! Very sad! In 1970 Steve and I did our "Easy Rider" homage but on Hondas! We rode form Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. We had some great times and it took us like two weeks to get there- lots of side trips like to Lake tahoe, and had a scary exoerience there with some Hells Angels- and then hooked over to SF and Marin! Met one really insane guy in SF, and I mean scary nuts! But a GREAT time! I remember tubing on Oregon rivers and eating berries right off of the river banks! When we headed back a few months later Steve had stomach flu or food poisoning and could't sleep so we rode from Portland to Los Angeles non-stop! WHAT A TRIP! Some of the best times of my life!

He will be missed!

06/18/18 04:01 PM #7    

Vance Boos (Boos)

Hey, just wanted to let all of the friends and aquainances of Steve Kincaid that we had a great memorial service luncheon in San Pedro at the marina where Steve lived on his boat!! There were probably 75 people or so, great turnout. Four of us were from his old days of elementary and high school. Rick de Martino, Missy Conrad, York McGavin, and myself, Vance Boos. We were introduced to the crowd and asked to say a few words. We all enjoyed euloging our old friend and for me talking about his wonderful  family who took me in during my troubled high school days at home.

To Brian Grad. Your name came up a few times, but apparantly no one knew how to get a hold of you. You were missed as you were an old friend of his. Vance


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