In Memory

Meredith Most (Sander)

Sadly we have been told by her good friend Francine that after a 14 month battle with cancer, Meredith Most has passed.    

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03/10/17 06:39 AM #7    

Richard Nierenberg




I am shocked, surprized and saddened.

Meredith was one of the first people I met coming to El Rodeo in 4th grade, she lived a few blocks away and we visited on Ambassador. I remember that day.

We didn't really speak hardly at all in high school, but I remember seeing her and her successes well.

It was always amazing she came from so far away for every reunion. Won "furthest" travel if I remember?

Although we really hadn't spoken except very brief hellos at these reunions, or perhaps because that, this loss brings home a certain taste of the frost of mortality. It is very saddening.




03/10/17 08:02 AM #8    

Gary Raymond

I remember her in 4th grade like it was yesterday. A very pretty, classy and polite girl.

03/10/17 10:52 AM #9    

Brian Bingham

While I never knew Meredith, even during the time we were all in high school together, Meredith was one of those people whom I never failed to notice from a distance (usually clear across the rolling hills of the BHHS front lawn, at the time. Her grace and tranquil elegance is what emerges from my mind's memory during that four years. How sad it is that the "Emporer of all Maladies" has claimed another beautiful soul among us. I add my heartfelt sympathy to Meredith's family and friends throughout her life as they grieve.

03/10/17 02:06 PM #10    

Michael Hiatt

Meredith was a good friend and competitive tennis player. We enjoyed many sporting days together. By mere chance I ran into her and Ari during her treatment and while in Los Angeles around the holidays. She was upbeat, despite her battle that was taking a greater toll than how she appeared that evening. My condolences to her family. She left to soon. She wil be missed and remembered.  

03/11/17 07:41 AM #11    

Frank Kavelin

Although it probably happened more than once, Meredith was the only girl I can remember who wouldn’t dance with me when I asked her.  It was at a Y dance and she explained that she was only dancing with the boy who brought her.  His name was Boris and she only danced with him.

The first time I saw her was at youth symphony practice, which was held at El Rodeo.  Meredith played violin, a fact that her own daughter didn’t realize as I recall.  Although she could have been focused completely on herself, she struck me as being far more focused on others—a desirable impression for any of us to leave at the close of our lives.

04/14/21 10:10 AM #12    

Alan Duke

This post is from Ron Gartner

Meredith was my girlfriend in the early 80’s, We lived together for a while. One of the loveliest and funniest people I ever knew. I learned of this only recently and am deeply saddened.


04/15/21 08:23 AM #13    

Francine Chalme (Meyberg)

Rembering,Meredith,miss her phone calls.

04/15/21 08:31 AM #14    

Jody Briskin

What a wonderful and sweet girl (then woman) Meredith was.  Truly sad news, she was a bright light and we were all better people because of her...all of us who were touched by her smile and her kindness.  I'm so sorry.

04/15/21 11:12 AM #15    

Tony Rubin

OMG, such a beautiful soul, inside and out.  we were very close at BHHS, and created a storng bond.  While we haven't been in touch for years I often thought about her.  I will miss knowing that she no longer graces this earth with her eternal beauty

04/15/21 06:36 PM #16    

Benet Rutenberg

Meredith was a great young woman in school.  She had grace, poise and elegance.  In a sea of good people she stood out making the few moments we shared of value.  Prior to Senior Prom, several couples gathered at her house.  Steve was opening champagne in the closet bar by the front door.  As I turned to greet Meredith walking in from the kitchen, smiling, the telltale pop of the cork, off the wall, off the ceiling and sizzling by my ear caught my attention as I watched it roll all the way back to that kitchen.  Meredith jumped and Laughter ensued before our toast.  Wherever she is now is a better place for her presence.

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