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Cindy Shusett

Cindy Shusett

Cheri Kidd Donk sadly reports the passing of our classmate Cindy Shusett.

One of my best friends, Cindy Shusett, passed today. She fought the most courageous fight against cancer I have ever seen... I will miss her calls, her humor, her intelligence, her beauty, her presence. We knew each other from Mr. Corrigan's English class in '68, at Beverly High (class of "69), and stayed in touch ever since. I hope she is in a better place now, out of pain, hanging with Jimmy Decker & Pierre somewhere, laughing. Love you, and will miss you so much.

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06/13/18 07:24 PM #1    

Alan Duke

Cindy worked at Fox for many years when I was working there and for years after.  She was alway very nice and fun to be around.  Very sorry to hear about her passing.

06/14/18 09:41 AM #2    

Robert Kushner (Kushner)

I am deeply saddened by the news that Cindy had passed. We dated throughout our junior and senior years at Beverly. She was beautiful, kind, and a wonderful person. She suffered great tragedies in her life. With the unexpected early loss of her sister Wendy, her mother Gilda and more recently, her brother Gary, life was not kind. But enspite of all her tragedies, she always managed to keep up her wonderful smile and beautiful disposition. . From her work at William Morris Agency, Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, and 20th Century Fox. she was unsurpassed in her work ethics, dedication and loyalty.

She will certainly be missed by everyone who knew her and all the guys at the Apple Pan where she frequented weekly for over forty years. None will miss her more than I.

With great memories and much love, may she rest in peace.


Bob Kushner

06/14/18 01:07 PM #3    

Gaye (Peggy) Freeman Gabriel

So sorry and sad to hear this news. My condolences to all her friends and family.  :(

06/23/18 11:52 AM #4    

Clarke Young

This is a hard one for me.  Like those who have already commented, Cindy had poise, class, beauty and, most importantly, two doses of innate goodness. When I arrived at Beverly as a sophomore, I thought Cindy was a senior.  The next year, she was still at Beverly so I figured she was a senior.  In my senior year, she was still there. She was so mature for her age (and so tall) that I thought she was older than I was.  We became friends in our senior year.  As fate would have it, our paths crossed again after high school.

Without going into too much story, suffice it to say that Cindy and my mother (??!!) became good friends. Throughout my 20's, I would periodically walk into my mother's interior design studio or home and (surprise!) Cindy would be there.  It was always good to see her and we had some good laughs.  I have often wondered what trouble my mother got Cindy into, but I know Cindy loved it. Cindy definitely had a mischievous, fun-loving savior-vivre aire.

The last time I saw Cindy was at our last reunion.  Who knew it would be the last time? . . . 

My mother turns 90 on July 5, 2018 and I must weight whether to tell her.

Cindy, you are missed.

06/24/18 11:59 AM #5    

Laurie Ackerman

 Though I didn't know Cindy well ,  I am sadden to learn that she had passed away ! Sadly 54 of our classmates have passed away ! I hope they  will all be fondly remembered forever in our hearts !

Thank you Laurie Ackerman



06/25/18 03:23 PM #6    

Kathleen Rozier (Gauthier)

I was in Mr. Corrigan's class with Cindy and while we were not close friends, I remember her as kind as she was beautiful.

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