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Paul Silverman

A note from Fredde Duke this afternoon:

RIP Scooter, AKA Paul Silverman. I never called him Paul. One of the kindest souls I have ever known. My BIGGEST crush at 15 years old and my first kiss. My first ring, a gold special band that was a gift from him that I took off to wash my hands in the bathroom at the teen center and lost but I will never forget it. This man never said good bye on the phone without asking how my kids were and how Michael was doing and to say hello. ZERO malice in Scooter. He also ended all conversations with the words, "I love you". I loved my dear friend Scooter and cherish all the times I had with him over the years.

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01/31/15 06:59 AM #1    

Jody Briskin

Paul's was one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met.  He brought love and left love wherever he went, just like a trail of love dots. So generous of spirit, rarely was he without that winning smile which he gave so freely to all of us.  I hope he is off to catch the biggest fish he has ever dreamed of.  I just want to imagine his face as he reels it in heart

01/31/15 07:04 AM #2    

Marilyn Wolff (Hall)

I am very sad to hear this news. Although we were not friends; I do remember Paul as being a very nice guy, My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest in peace.

01/31/15 09:05 AM #3    

Karen Kessler Goodman (Kennedy)

When I close my eyes and think of Paul, the first and last image ii come away with is of his smile. Warm and caring, Paul was a sweet and kind kid and from what others are saying who knew him into adulthood, he never changed.  

01/31/15 09:18 AM #4    

Brook Enders (Spector)

Paul remains a special person in my life. He was my first boyfriend in the third grade. A sweet funny boy.  He gave me my first Beach Boys album! He and I had a nice talk at the 50th reunion. He will remain a good feeling memory for me. Love and prayers to his family. His kind spirit remains to touch us all.


01/31/15 09:27 AM #5    

Douglas Erenberg

Yeah, Scooter was definitely all those loving friendly qualities...a true friend from kids running around El Rodeo to the smiling teammate on the waterpolo and swim teams to a loving friendship for decades.  He never forgot a birthday and was the first to call with well wishes and earnestly sending his love to all the family members.  Paul "scooterputz" was ill for many years, but his love of his friends always came first..."Fishtuna" was his license plate...he was very unique in his various passions.   His legacy, his daughters, his friends will always be lucky to have him in our hearts! 

01/31/15 10:25 AM #6    

Devorah Ann Cutler (Rubenstein)

Wow, this is such sad news.  And yes, I hope he is catching the biggest tuna wherever his great spirit is.  He really was one of the sweetest people in our class.  And while I did not know him well, I admired him to the core as a good human who was always trying to do his best for the world and his friends.  Sad to hear he was suffering, and so sorry I could not get a chance to let him know what a great example he set for all of us.  (secret: I even call my husband "Scooter" -- so maybe there is this secret crush all us BHHS girls had for him.. a great legacy and lesson on being good having a lasting impact!)  We shall miss you PAUL... Rock on where ever you are.  Swim with fishes.  


01/31/15 10:49 AM #7    

Gaye (Peggy) Freeman Gabriel

Oh Scooter!!! What wonderful times we had our senior year with Jyl Debin and I up in the canyon and on the


I am so glad we got to reconnect and I will never forget our times together.  You were the sweetest, kindest

and most wonderful person.  Fly free my friend.  You will be terribly missed.  My heart hurts today!

Love you Scooter!!!


01/31/15 04:16 PM #8    

Mark Conte

One of the most memorable times of my youth was when Paul and I were in 8th grade and he took our closest friends to his family’s trailer in Paradise Cove.  I remember not being able to sleep a wink the whole night in anticipation of surfing perfect point-break waves all to ourselves the next morning.  As soon as we could see a ray of light through the dew covered windows, we could not wait a second longer.  We all got up and a dragged our nine foot boards down to the water and started paddling.  The sun rose as we made our way to the point. Even though there were only a few small waves to be had, we were the only souls around, and the water was perfect glass as the sun rose with red and yellow hues reflected in the waves.  I caught a wave from the point and rode it all the way to the gulley, which was enough to burn that moment into my memory for the rest of my life.  I will never forget that day we shared surfing together.

Miss you Paul.

01/31/15 08:16 PM #9    

Gary Raymond

Paul was a friend in elementary school. He was the first friend I had that was into building plastic models and that encouraged me to do more modeling. Sorry he won't be around anymore. 

02/01/15 07:06 AM #10    

Laurence Cohen (Finley)

Skateboarding, surfing, swimming and fishing with equal grace prepared Scooter for the next great adventure. He left an indelible mark on my formative years.  Between him, Mark Conte and Tommy Sparber, they taught this Philly boy about California dreamin. 

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