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Lance Smigel

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09/20/12 03:29 PM #1    

Alan Duke

Submitted by Henry Kim Edit | Delete
RIP Lance, I will miss you more then you ever knew...I have so many treasured memories of the times we and our other close reinds hung out together. I will forever cherish you and Shelia coming up to Anchorage to participate in my wedding to Helen, you were the commensurate Best Man...

May you forever rest in peace...
Submitted by John Mayer Edit | Delete
Slept over at Lance's house on Elm in 8th grade. He had a bunch of early Beatles albums on reel to reel tape that he played after lights out. We lay there in the dark and listened for hours. Definitely a peak experience in my life. Lance had a unique and wry sense of humor. I just read the news, so I'm still kind of in shock. I miss you, Lance.
Submitted by steve kent Edit | Delete
Lance has always been my very best friend since entering Beverly. We have had a running 15-20 year weekly saturday conversation. I have no idea what my saturdays will be like anymore.Lance was the most special person that I have had the pleasure of knowing.He died semi-peacefully, and I will always appreciate that. I will surely miss Lance. Good bye old friend!
Submitted by Victoria Soss Hawthorne Edit | Delete
I just read this and of course shocked as everyone else seems to be. Lance sat in front of me in more grades and classes than I can count.(we were alphabetical then..smigel then soss) He was very smart and had a dry sense of humor. Took me 140 mph in that car he had.. I think it was called an apollo. Made it up to Santa Barbara in an hour. Crazy kids. I guess we are lucky to have had these 40 years. So sorry to hear this. Lance was someone I was looking forward to seeing again.
Submitted by Gregg Masters Edit | Delete
Took an entanglement hit when I saw your (and several other names) listed Lance! Your 09 listing adds additional sadness to the loss; do party on Garth....
Submitted by Jeff Wald Edit | Delete
I was so much looking forward to seeing Lance & Sheila at the reunion. I have known Lance since the 4th grade and remember so many good times at the house on Elm and driving the electric cars that he and his brother Scott had on the sidewalks of Beverly Hills. He was so smart, kind and generous as a boy, young man and adult. I was so happy for him when he and Sheila married and eventually moved to their hideaway on top of the hill surrounded by avocado trees. I will always remember his kindness and winning personality that made him rich with friends and family. We will all miss him so much.
Submitted by Laurel Gilbert Phillips Edit | Delete
While at BV in 4th grade I met Lance and was struck by his candor and kindness. Valentine's Day was tough when we had our foil wrapped boxes on our desks and later counted out the little cutout cards. Lance made me feel OK about being a transient student there while my Mother recovered from leg surgery....needless to say he was sympathetic and empathetic.
Submitted by Raina Pinsky Ring Edit | Delete
Lance always brought a smile to my face. He was the kind of person you never forget. I too was really looking forward to seeing him at the reunion.
I am so sad to see that he has passed away.
Lance, everyone adored you! You were to greatest guy with the best personality and attitude on life. You were an inspiration to so many of us!
Submitted by Laurie Ackerman Edit | Delete
I am so saddened to learn that Lance Smigel has passed away. He was good natured, kind hearted with a heart of gold. He was always easy to talk with and a good listener. He loved his cars too. He was the afficianado when it came to the classics. Lance was a classic too! A bright and shining star will be missing on September 12, 2009.
I believe that he must have felt so proud of his family who were great supporters of Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. His mom was a well known volunteer who helped to set up a special room so that toys could be collected and distributed to the many children who would have the need to stay there as patients . My daughter Carly and I had the priviledge of visiting and touring CHLA when we discovered The Smigel Toy Room. It was awe inspiring to learn that one of our own classmates and their family would be so generous to help bring the smiles to children and their families while staying at CHLA.
To serve the memory of Lance Smigel, I would like to
Submitted by Laurie Ackerman Edit | Delete
I hope that BHHS class of 1969 will make a donation to Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles to serve the memory of Lance Smigel.
I know that Lance will smile from above and illuminate the sky when we help out CHLA! We will have that chance to see his shinin star once again for our mitzvot to CHLA!
RIP Lance Smigel We will miss you forever.
Love,Laurie Ackerman
Submitted by Robin Reid Edit | Delete
Every experience I had with Lance as far back as 5th grade was an adventure.
I remember sleeping over at his house .
Delicious pancake breakfasts in his parents' kitchen. Lance introduced me to Mrs. Butterworth's for the first time. No words can describe this. We only had Log Cabin at my house. The trips to Disneyland in his Dad's Rolls Royce. The smell of cigars. Being riveted by His Dad's autobiographical stories. We were laughing like children because we were children. It was always fun with Lance.
Submitted by Sheila Smigel Edit | Delete
I want to say how much Lance was looking forward to this reunion. I'm thrilled I got to be there and meet some of you again and others for the first time. Thank you for sharing your stories about him here and at the reunion.

Lance spoke often of his school friends, something I missed out on in my own life, for the most part because I was a military brat. But getting to spend thirty years with this special man, gave me an appreciation for life's little and big things. We are all richer for having known his kind, gentle, funny, generous soul. He knew how to love, and I was fortunate to be a recipient of it.

He knew how to live well, and he died having done so much. I believe this world was not big enough for all of the heart he possessed.
Submitted by Fredde Duke Edit | Delete
I overheard Lance's name mentioned on Saturday night and turned to ask someone where he was and I was stunned when I was then told that he had just died. My heart goes out to his wife, I met her, just a lovely brave woman to come that night and meet all of us. I asked her about his old best friend Steve Kent and she told me that story of how they spoke each Saturday on the phone. I can't get over this, what an amazing person he was. So lovely Always, he will be missed


09/17/14 11:34 AM #2    

Lon Levin

I went thru grade school and high school with Lance. He always struck me as a very clever, smart and inciteful guy. I know he was generous to certain classmates of ours which puts him in a rare class. Although he grew up privleged he never held it out as something that was important. He was a true mench

09/18/14 03:12 PM #3    

Fred Berne

I consider myself fortunate to have called Lance a friend. Although we did not stay in close touch over the years, whenever I saw him, it was as if no time had passed. I will always remember our undefeated debate team at Hawthorne; we took on all comers on any topic and never lost. He will be missed.

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