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Ned Lerman

We are learning from Amy Champeau and FaceBook postings that Ned passed away on February 27, 2021.  No cause of death is listed.  Ned's family has established a GoFundMe page

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03/04/21 02:43 PM #13    

Burt Geller

I didn’t recognize Ned when I spun around after hearing him call out my name in Julie Isen’s kitchen on 9/20/19 – a day before the whole class reunion. He remembered detailed interactions we had while climbing ropes together in that (then) new chain-linked fenced-in gymnastics area on the BV playground. He had me recalling the smell of the wood shavings’ floor! Hard to believe he’s gone. RIP, Ned.

03/05/21 09:10 AM #14    

James Meadow (Meadow)

Ned and I were golfing buddies in high school.  He approached me at the 50th Reunion with a warm smile and his friendliness seemed to bridge the decades seemlessly.  He shared with my wife, Elissa, and me the milestones of his life journey with an openness that was disarming.  He complimented me to a degree that was probably not fully deserved but it certainly won me a few Brownie points with my wife.

03/05/21 09:35 AM #15    

Richard Bronson

My pal Ned was a true character and quit bright! I'll never forget our first day in Mr. Munitz class when Ned arose from his back row desk then without a facial  gesture ask him if you spell Mr. Munitz with one i or two! We shared many laughs and we had stayed in touch over all these years since BHHS. Fond memories/ RIP...

03/05/21 09:45 AM #16    

Jerri Pittluck

I met Ned on FB when he asked to be friends, seeing so many familiar names on his friend list, I accepted the friend invatation. He began sending me nice "sayings", and cute pictures of animals on instant messanger. I never met him in person, he simply wrote now and then.  "What takes nothing from you to give, but is so greatly appreciated?" "Kindness"-Ned Lerman. May he rest in peace.




03/05/21 10:10 AM #17    

Mark Brooks

Ned was an Agent Provacateur in the best sense. He unapolagetically marched to his own drum: Both in the choices he made and the beliefs he lived by. He would not miss an opportunity to engage you in a difference of world views.

Plus he had an omnipresent undercurrent for a lust for life.

At the most recent reunion, he came over with the intent of reconnecting with the feelin gs of years before, dusting off the interveniing years and differences.

Basically a good guy with a good heart always trying to do good.

Will miss his wry grin and glint in his eye.

03/06/21 08:40 AM #18    

Jody Briskin

Ned was always such a kind soul.  I remember him from BV, and then each time I ran into him as an adult he was always so sweet, so caring.  Never failed to bring me happiness.  For some reason I just remember him being so kind to me and Lindy Wynn both at school and as adults, Ned was always friendly when many boys kept their distance.  I don't know why that sticks out in my mind, but perhaps because Lindy and I used to talk about what a sweetheart he was.  That's his super power - kindness.

03/06/21 09:20 AM #19    

Marilyn Eisenberg (Mandel)

Somehow I'm always shocked to learn that another of us has left the planet.

But when I saw on FB that Ned had died, I felt deeply sad and still am.

Ned was someone as many have pointed out, whose instinct was to draw you in with kindness.

At our 50th, we stood at a drinks table with others who I hadn't seen in too many years, and he immediately

made me laugh. He was a gentle soul, crackling wit, and very intelligent. Life handed him a raw deal in many

ways, but he didn't bitch and moan much. A sweet soul. Rest in peace, Ned.


03/07/21 06:14 AM #20    

DeeDee ("Toni") Goldenberg Lancet

Ned approached me at our 50th Reunion to confess about his BV crush (me) —I had no idea. I was touched by that. Always such a kind, sweet soul. Rest In Peace dear Ned.

03/14/21 04:10 PM #21    

Amy Stambler (Sprague Champeau)

I met Ned in Hebrew School at Temple Emanuel. We were both eleven years old. I think we always admired each other because we were so different. Still, we each took a path in life that was not tradiitional. Although we were not in contact much during the years I thought of him often, hoping he was OK. We reconnected at the various reunions and gatherings. After our 50th we stayed in touch, daily or even multiple times a day, for almost a year and a half. My last contact with him was at the end of January 2021.

I think we were both delighted with the communication we shared during this time. Ned was funny and kind, open and honest. He had a knack for knowing exactly the right thing to say or do to be helpful. Sometimes he'd be at a yard sale and see a book or poem that he thought I would like. He'd take a photo an send it to me. It was always perfect. In June 2020 I received my Master of Fine Arts degree and was scheduled to read my work online. Ned was determined to attend and went out of his way to find a relative with a big screen to attend my reading. That was a good thing, too, because a little of what I wrote - and read - was about him.  Two weeks later my significant other died suddenly. Ned was a good friend to me. He helped me through this time of loss during COVID isolation.

Some months ago, when Ned was feeling down, I asked him who he wanted to be. He replied, "Ned Goodman." I told him he had already become him. He also wrote this: "I used to tell minority teenagers that I met on the bus lines that they needed to identify their talents and interests and passions and go in that direction b/c a person reaches their highest heights doing what they do best. And all of them listened with respect and rapt attention as I enlightened their paths. You should've seen the pep in their step when they got off the bus and left me....Those encounters were some of the best of me."

RIP, Ned. I'm grateful for our connection. I miss you.

03/15/21 12:00 PM #22    

Joseph Schwartz

I am stunned to learn of Ned's death.  I met him the first day I started at BV and over the next few years we were best friends.  He was both kind and supportive yet over the years we grew apart.  By the time in HS that I got chased out of BHHS by my nemesis, Mr Miletich, we were no longer buddies. Nonetheless, he was for years my best friend and his support got me thru those years.  We played Little League together and saw lots of movies- including those free summer ones at the theater on Beverly Drive. We went bowling. We rode bikes up into Franklin Caynon.  I haven't heard from him in years and last saw him at a BV reunion 10 years ago.  SO this is how it is to grow old, to lose friends that we had already lost but never said goodbye.

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