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Dennis Powell

We received a message from Pam Powell '66 saying that Dennis passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.  I'm sorry to report this news.

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03/19/15 05:05 PM #1    

Alan Duke

Here is the message from Pamela Powell.

My brother Dennis died unexpectedly yesterday morning. I wanted to let you know that he got great pleasure out of this website. He had reminded me that Paul Silverman had taken his wedding pictures and that he and Robert Weiner had also been friends. The happiest time of his young life was with his friends. I will miss him terribly - he was a good, kind, and loving man. Pamela Powell '66

03/20/15 10:18 AM #2    

Douglas Erenberg

What a great guy.   Even though our paths didn't cross often enough, it wasn't difficult to see his kind heart and soul.  My sincere condolences to his family.



03/20/15 03:42 PM #3    

Robert Weiner

We were terrific friends when we were younger - did lots of fun stuff together. Many memories were created that still make me laugh (and shake my head). I am very sad to learn of his passing. Pamela, thank you for sharing this news -  I know how difficult it is to lose a brother (I lost mine last year).


03/20/15 04:18 PM #4    

Marilyn Wolff (Hall)

My sincerest condolences. May he rest in peace.

03/21/15 08:09 AM #5    

Frank Kavelin

My condolences to Pamela.

At BV, where we knew each other, Dennis always wore a green windbreaker.  I speculated that he had a closet full of them.  He even wore it when playing basketball.  It wasn’t a problem because never worked up a sweat.  He would plant himself in the same spot on the court.  Whenever the ball was passed to him he would simply  shoot.  I don’t remember him ever missing.  I sat behind him in the 8th grade.  He was usually hunched over his desk looking straight ahead.  When someone would offer a lame answer to one of Mr. Shaver’s questions, Dennis would, at just the right volume, say the person’s name in an exasperated tone.  It always got a laugh, at times even from Mr. Shaver. 

He was completely self-contained.  I have been fortunate to know a number of truly unique individuals.  Dennis was one of them.  Rest well.

03/21/15 10:20 AM #6    

Alan Harris

RIP. Dennis is in my personal mythology from Pony League days. He was our catcher and pitched. It was the playoff game. The last play had bases loaded, 2 outs, we had a 1 run lead, last inning, I even think it was a 3-2 count to complete the drama. Johnny Kayden was at bat (a leftie), I shaded him to right as I was the center fielder. I called to Dennis who was pitching in relief to just throw it in there, I had him covered. He nodded to me ok then threw a strike, Johnny hit a liner to right center. I had a great jump, ran in and made a shoestring catch (always wishing I had had to dive for it, but I was fast) and didn't break stride all the way to the dugout for our celebration as champions. He thanked me. In sports there only has to be one moment that here or there made the whole thing worth it and more. That was our world as 14 year old boys, and for me I may as well have been raising the flag on Iwo Jima or something. That was all I had... But we were all in it, teammates that late afternoon. I hope he always threw strikes. Sounds like he did... Thank you, D, for the memory.

03/22/15 12:45 AM #7    

Brian Bingham

I am saddened by the news of Dennis' passing. My condolences to Pam and the rest of the Powell family whom I may not have had the pleasure to meet. For me, Dennis was one of those people in my life who punctuated my life, albeit briefly. Our families lived very near each other during the elementary school time. Dennis taught me how to ride a bycicle at 8 years old because he decided I was too old not to have learned by then. We went on to play little league baseball together and had a great time. This was one of the most memorable times of the life for me; and Dennis was one of the most prominant personalities in my memory of that era. While he continued in sports in the succeeding years, I drifted until I found music early in our high school years. I don't think I ever saw Dennis after high school, but I shall never forget the generous and patient soul, who, at 8, was kind enough and caring enough to teach me how to ride like the wind in good, safe, clean fun. Rest well generous soul.

03/29/15 03:09 PM #8    

Dennis Powell

I want to thank all of you for your kind words.  Brian - I never knew about the bike instruction.  My brother never lost his ability to be kind and to care about others.  I was at the baseball game described.  Den loved his baseball.  He loved to watch the Dodgers.  Your stories and condolences have helped me tremendously.   His wife, Dianne, died in 2006 while they were living in Virginia and he wanted to come back to California.  I am so grateful he did.  My best to you all and thank you again for taking the time to write about my brother.  He would have been very pleased and touched.

04/12/15 07:39 AM #9    

Marilyn Wolff (Hall)

Pam, I am very sorry to hear about Dennis. Thoughts and prayers to all that mourn his loss.

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