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Michael Rabkin

Very sorry to report that our classmate, Michael Rabkin, passed away on December 6, 2017.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michael's family.  

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01/12/18 12:26 PM #1    

Lon Levin

So sad to hear this. Nice guy, smart. witty. Like him alot

01/12/18 03:00 PM #2    

Gaye (Peggy) Freeman Gabriel

Very sad to hear this. Condolences to his family. :(   Gaye Freeman

01/12/18 03:41 PM #3    

Sandi Wildman (Padnos)

Oh gosh.  Nice memories from Michael at Horace Mann.  One of the good guys.  

01/12/18 07:13 PM #4    

DeeDee ("Toni") Goldenberg Lancet

I did not know Michael Rabkin, but a loss of a classmate is a loss to us all. 


01/13/18 10:13 AM #5    

Lynn Mayer (Smith)

Michael was always one of the kinder boys at Horace Mann.  He was always friendly and polite.  One I will always remember.  Although, our paths did not cross at BHHS, he will be remembered with fond memories of our youth.

01/13/18 10:37 AM #6    

Devorah Ann Cutler (Rubenstein)

Michael was a dear soul.  Hearts go out to his family and friends.  Yes, he was a quiet strength in our extended circle of young kids at Horace Mann.  And so supportive of all that we did.  Lovely man and hope he rests in peace for all the loving kindness he did during his life that graced us all.

01/13/18 12:25 PM #7    

Ronald Garris

I was extremely sorry to hear of Mike's passing. We were close friends in high school and through our thirties.

We had some zany adventures in our teens but this one was at the top of my list. Just before being able to obtain our drive'rs license(s) and over the Easter Break, Mike and I hitch hiked to Marina Del Rey and talked a couple of college guys who had a 40 foot sail boat into taking us with them to Catalina Island. We stayed overnight. The next morning we took a sea plane from the island back to Long Beach ($6.00 airfare) and hitch hiked to Palm Springs. That unique adventure was so much fun and definitely a memory that I will never forget. The only thing I do not remember is how we finagled our parents into letting us vanish from the city limits of BH for 3 days and nights.

The last time I spoke with Mike was over ten years ago. Mike became an opthalmologist and practiced for many years. He later changed specialties and became a plastic surgeon. Mike retired from the medical field and moved to Whister, BC. He was active in purchasiing commercial real estate properties and learning to play golf.

He was witty, personable and definitely a MENSA candidate. 

It was a real privilege  to know him and have his friendship. I wholeheartedly extend my condolences to his family.

01/14/18 12:46 PM #8    

Marc Russell

I remember Mike giving a valedictory address at our Horace Mann graduation.  (Almost 53 years ago now!)  I also recall hearing a radio commercial for his medical clinic.  Very sorry to hear of his death at a relatively early age.  He was a real nice guy.

01/14/18 09:09 PM #9    

John Mayer

Rabkin got me to go to the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young concert at the Greek the sumer after we graduated (Aug 26, 1969 according to the internet).  Thing was, we didn't have tickets.  His idea.  We'd get in by hiking in behind the seats and sneaking in.  He was confident we'd be fine.  We got in.  And then had to evade security the rest of the night, seeking temporarily vacant seats.  Who knew that no-talent group would be so popular.  We weren't arrested, but also not my favorite concert.  It'd be an overstatement to say that my life's goal became to have enough money to afford to pay for concert tickets.  But still  . . . 

Cut to 1973.  My senior year at Yale.  Living off-campus in a slightly seedy house in New Haven with roomates, Rick Caesar among others.  Mickey Kaus came down from Boston and somehow had Michael with him (Paul Diamond: were you there?-- it's possible).  Mike was already in medical school, at Columbia I think.  How was that even possible?  And he had a girlfriend whose father was an opthamolgist.  He could see the path forward already. 

Next time I saw him was at our 10th reunion.  Nattily dressed all in black.  I had the thought, perhaps for the first and only time in my life: how much did this person have to pay for this outfit?  Probably more than I had in my checking account at that point.  If was from doing eyelid plastic surgery.  A good business in our town.  Side note: if you looked closely at Mike's face, the corners of his eyes were strange.  Not sure what that was about, maybe his Horace Mann classmates can add something here.

I don't believe I ever saw Mike again.  But I saw a house he built off Kenter in West LA.  It was on a LACMA art tour, and I didn't realize whose house it was until I was inside it.  This was maybe 20 years ago.  An elaborate art deco style.  

The last thing I heard of Mike came from an unlikely source.  I was chatting with a guy named Tony who was doing some tile work in our kitchen three years ago.  And seemingly out of nowhere he asked if I knew Mike.  Yeah, kind of.  He had done all the tile in Mike's homes.  He said that Mike and his wife had split up and things had gotten pretty heated.  I guess. 



01/15/18 02:06 PM #10    

Cathy Dreyfuss

Michael was a dear friend of mine since Horace Mann. He was very generous with me when he was in medical practice, but I hadn't been in touch with him for the last 20 years. I heard he had moved away. My condolences to his family. 

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